Video Of Drug Suspects Scaling Mexico Fence

April 1, 2016

Two suspected drug smugglers have been caught climbing the border fence from Mexico into the US – before promptly climbing back over when they realised they were being filmed.

Footage showed the pair carrying large backpacks suspected to contain drugs, walking hunched over, hiding behind bushes and talking on a phone before they realised they were on camera.

Journalist Carolina Rocha, of Azteca Noticias in Mexico City, was in Nogales, Arizona, reporting on use of force by the US Border Patrol when she spotted the two young men climbing the fence.

Drug smugglers in Nogales crossing border fence

In the video, one of the men is heard saying: “Don’t record.”

The team’s camera followed the two men for around three minutes on American soil before they climbed back up over the fence and ran off in Mexico.

Both had no trouble clambering over the border fence, which is more than 20ft high.

Ms Rocha said of the incident: “It was shocking. This is happening in front of me?

“And we didn’t stop recording.”

Ms Rocha said there were three US Border Patrol trucks nearby the incidents, but no agents approached the men.

Border Patrol spokesman Mark Landess said it was not uncommon for smugglers to climb the fence, especially around Nogales.

He said it was impossible to know whether agents saw the men.

“They might be waiting for something else to happen. There’s no way to make an educated comment on that,” he said.

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